Trigger Point Therapy here in Grass Valley

Trigger Point Therapy

When we’re injured or suffering from some structural problem that’s causing pain or limitation, our muscles become knotted and inelastic. It’s this tightness that causes a cascading experience of pain, muscle shortening, incapacity, and weakness – as the pain or injury spreads to other areas as well. This is known as referred pain, as a problem in one place causes problems in other places.

Trigger points are hypersensitive areas within the muscles that are the lynch-pins of the problem. Some 620 trigger points have been mapped out, and Jim finds the culprits in your individual case. He does this through a combination of knowledge, insight based on long experience, and palpation, during which he typically feels a taut band or nodule, or elicits a twitch response. Jim is a master of Trigger Point Therapy here in Grass Valley.

Jim works these trigger points manually, using his fingers, hands, and even his elbows to persuade the contraction to relax. This “persuasion” is not just a brief pressing of buttons. It’s an intensive and thorough effort that may be delicate or very strong, depending on your need and your sensitivity. With his wonderful “bedside manner” Jim keeps an open channel of communication throughout the process, and he gets the maximum result possible while working within the limits of your tolerance.

Jim’s work on trigger points is a key factor in the immediate relief that often surprises many clients after their first session, and subsequent sessions as well. By working the various “epicenters” of your pain, your unhappy, recalcitrant muscles are coaxed back to their previous state of relaxation.

It is Jim’s pleasure to be able to offer Trigger Point Therapy here in Grass Valley.