Therapeutic Massage here in Grass Valley


Therapeutic MassageA deep, therapeutic massage is about the nicest gift you can give yourself, or someone else. Doctors may describe this in terms of decreased heart rate and blood pressure, improved circulation, and relaxed muscles. Everyone seems to agree, though, that the nicest part of all, is how you feel afterward.

A therapeutic massage from Jim Saccomanno, CMT, leaves clients feeling good, very good. Clients report feeling energized and deeply relaxed; soreness and stiffness seem to dissolve; emotions feel more balanced; thoughts seem to take a positive turn. Clients also describe feelings of renewed hope and a positive outlook on life. Some even say they “feel human again.”

Many clients come to Jim as a regular part of their preventative health routine. Other clients come for therapeutic massage as a response to the stresses of every day life. Still more come for treatment of injuries, or long-term, chronic issues.

Whatever your particular needs, a personalized session with Jim Saccomanno will address them. Every session is designed for each client’s maximum benefit.

Jim Saccomanno, CMT, offers therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, neuromuscular integration and P.E.M.F. in his studio in Grass Valley, CA.

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