“After a heavy box fell on my head, apart from a concussion I had a severe cervical sprain. As many people know, when your neck is out, life is miserable. The doctor gave me a great diagnosis – but no relief. He sent me to a physical therapist who gave me 7 sessions – but zero relief. I’d heard Jim’s name mentioned several times where I worked… Well – in our very first session he pinpointed exactly where healing could begin, and I walked out the door 60% better. I have had a lot of massage in my life, but nothing as dramatic as this. Really. I’m still baffled how he does it, but each time I saw him, I got progressively better. Jim also gave me advice on exercises and things I could do with my diet, thus coaching me on how to help myself through this hard time. That too, impressed me hugely. I will always be very grateful for the help Jim gave me. As healers go, he’s the real thing.”

– Amber Balog, Nevada City

“Following a hunch, I drove quite a distance to get to Jim. On my way to my first session, I wondered if it would be worth it. On my way home, I assessed how I felt. My cramped, injured shoulder was full of heat and felt expanded now, without boundaries. My cricked neck and crimped spine lay back comfortably on the car seat. Indeed, my entire frame felt luxuriously relaxed as I shifted gears with a strange ease and pleasure. I sure didn’t feel this way on the drive in! As I passed the Empire Mine, what was this? The trees and leaves and nice stone walls were all smiling and twinkling at me. I felt such contentment in simply seeing, and simply being. I hadn’t felt this way in a very long time. The thought came: ‘You lucky guy. You hit the jackpot.’ I really couldn’t imagine finding a better massage therapist.”

– Robert Adams, Grass Valley

“I’ve always been a person who likes to stay active: hiking, kayaking, you name it. I first saw Jim because of sciatica that left me unable to stay standing more than 15 minutes at a time. That’s not a happy situation. The moment Jim saw me he didn’t have me lay down. Rather, he sized me up, noting the angle of my legs and the way I was standing. He immediately showed me a quadriceps stretch which, coupled with a therapeutic massage, put me right on my feet again. Because I’m susceptible to a herniated disc and certain asymmetries due to a knee injury (and surgeries), I’ve found that an ongoing maintenance program is the key to my continued well-being. I’ve got competing budget demands that nag at me, as they do most people, but for me this is an important priority. I’m the kind of person who likes to keep going, and put quite simply, Jim keeps me going.”

– Jeff Illgner, Grass Valley

“With chronic issues in my back, shoulders and neck, I started to get headaches that simply would not go away. It was finally time to do something about it, and through lucky word-of-mouth, I found Jim. The Trigger Point Therapy he offered sounded good, but I have a low threshold of pain tolerance and was nervous about trying it. Having “come out the other side” I can now say that Trigger Point definitely isn’t “feel-good” massage; it has moments that are intense. But Jim really knew how to ease me through my trepidation and work within my tolerance – and I’m so glad he did, since my headaches literally disappeared. This was like magic to me; I was deeply moved by this. And because I’ve long had a shifting terrain of issues in my body, I now see Jim on a regular basis, and he always knows how to get me back in balance.”

– Laura Boersig, Grass Valley

“My regard for Jim is huge. As a nurse practitioner, I have significant insight into the human body; I also have a good deal of personal experience with bodywork. Unrelated to both of these truths is the emotion and compassion I experienced in my first experience with Jim. I was in a state of intense pain and had found no relief from three different practitioners. Unlikely as it was, we were in the midst of a blizzard, the power was out, and I was miserable. It was then that a friend told me about Jim Saccomanno. Moved by my discomfort, he called Jim, and without my having been a previous client, Jim saw me right away. This took place during a blizzard, without electricity, on a Sunday. Within 24 hours of his treatment I felt enormous relief. As a Nurse, I have great respect for the results Jim elicits. This capacity is clearly the result of his deep intuitive insight coupled with his solid knowledge of the human body. Quite simply, Jim is an extraordinary bodyworker. I would be quick to add that he is a beautiful human being. Who else would so readily see me under those circumstances?”

– Trish McPhee, RN, MSN, FNP-c, Grass Valley

“Fibromyalgia and severe chronic pain in many places had made me pretty much an invalid, and also put me on permanent disability. I was not passively resigned to this though. For years I sought relief, going to medical doctors, chiropractors, and shiatsu and deep tissue practitioners. I didn’t just run from one to the other, but went for prolonged periods of time, even years. I gave everyone a real opportunity to help me, but no one made a real dent in the situation. I was also taking various medications for the pain. When I finally found Jim, I immediately felt a difference. With his “magic fingers”, as I put it, Jim infused me with healing energy in a way I had not felt before. And by just listening carefully to my complaints, he figured out how to make such a big change that I was able to get up off the couch and live a vertical life again. I was also able to stop taking pain medications and finally sleep at night. I am now emerging into a new life of being able to do things I haven’t been able to do for over 15 years. I continue to see Jim regularly, as I find that his help is the difference between just having a life and actually living one.”

– Jane Taylor, Grass Valley