Primal Release Reflex Therapy (PRRT) in Western Nevada County


Is PRRT the new paradigm in pain management and physical therapy?

Physical therapists and professional athletes think so.

Primal Release Relfex TherapyPRRT taps into the body’s ability to heal itself. It does so by working with the anatomical circuitry of pain, and disabling the reflexes that cause it. The science of this circuitry is complex, involving the nervous system, neural networks, impulse signaling, and the like. It’s still not completely understood, but researchers excitedly pursue the subject because of the remarkable results of PRRT. Using PRRT here in Grass Valley, Jim has given unexpectedly swift relief to people with back pain, neck pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and people recovering from surgery.

The technique is quite subtle – and not the least bit painful. Depending on your needs, Jim may rub, move and tap away at the base of your skull, temples, upper back, lower ribs, tailbone, or sacroiliac. He may even arrange your limbs and apply pressure to places that seem distant from the pain you feel. The body is funny that way; like a leaky roof, the hole may not be where the water’s coming in.

John Iams, the creator of PRRT, calls it “the missing piece in the puzzle in treating sports injuries.” And while sports traumas have become an excellent proving ground, Jim’s use of PRRT here in Grass Valley has also been effective in treating chronic pain or providing helpful maintenance. For example, a person with chronic pain in an arthritic knee may find that with PRRT, the pain becomes sporadic, depending on their activity level.

While PRRT may not be right for everyone, it is another powerful tool at Jim’s disposal, giving him options to address each individual’s specific needs.