Neuromuscular Integration (NMI) here in Grass Valley


Neuromuscular IntegrationOur muscles are bound in a network of thin sheaths or envelopes of tissue that form a kind of network of tension – or relaxation – that is beyond the tension or relaxation of any individual muscle or muscles. We all understand muscles, but most of us are not aware of this larger myofascial network. It’s this network that explains why we may do all we can to stretch a muscle – or even go to a practitioner to stretch it for us – but get no enduring result. This web of myofascial tension pulls everything back into place, back to square one.

Enter Jim’s deep tissue work using NMI, here in Grass Valley. Using this technique, Jim actually stretches the myofascial envelope so that your problem muscle (or muscles) is given a more relaxed myofascial environment. This not only brings relief in its own right, but it also allows other techniques to then be applied to the “liberated” muscles – so you get results that are lasting and not temporary.

As with all his techniques, Jim’s use of myofascial massage is based on his deep anatomical insight, long experience, and his strong knowing hands. Myofascial tissue is fibrous, so it’s a pretty tough and resistant material. Here again, Jim is right there with you, working with sensitivity, humor, and what can only be called teamwork, working to give you the concrete result that you want, and that he knows is possible.