As a young man working construction, Jim was crushed by a backhoe. Awakening from a coma, Jim found himself in the grips of deep, eventually chronic, pain. “The wise hands of a loving masseuse,” Jim says, “set me on the road to complete recovery.” It also led Jim to his life’s work, for which, it is now clear, he was destined.

People have been finding their way to Jim’s quiet massage studio in the forest for 43 years. For just as long, they have been walking away dramatically relieved from pain, with increased range of motion, and as many say, “feeling human” again.

In addition to his empathy for the pain and discomfort his clients experience, Jim has a broad set of ever-widening technical skills including deep tissue massage and trigger-point therapy; knowledge of human anatomy; and years of experience in healing the myriad ailments suffered by so many of us.

Above all, Jim has what can only be described as “the gift of healing.” His clients will attest to Jim’s many gifts; intuitive insight, his relentless pursuit of results, kinesthetic sense and two powerful, knowing hands that bring results. This unique combination of skill, knowledge and intuition makes Jim what can only be described as a healer.

Jim is a long-time member of our community, his three daughters graduated from local schools, and you may recognize one of their faces from local theater productions.

Jim requests that, due to client sensitivity, clients refrain from using colognes or perfumes.

Incense is never burning. Music is optional, and up to the client to choose.

Jim Saccomanno, CMT, offers therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, trigger-point therapy, neuromuscular integration and P.E.M.F in his studio in Grass Valley, CA.

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