Massage Therapist – Grass Valley, Nevada City



Choosing a massage therapist is no casual matter.

Whether you’re looking for a healthful, restorative massage, or relief from the throes of real pain, you have definite requirements for the person to whom you entrust your body, your feelings, and your energy.

You want sensitivity, maturity, respect, and good-will. Above all, you want someone with tremendous skill and experience who will truly transform your bodily experience.

Meet Jim Saccomanno.

For decades, people in our area have been going to Jim and found exactly, and often more, than they hoped for. This is why Jim has earned a sterling reputation as a consummate bodyworker who expresses the art and science of healing through the healing gift in his hands.

Looking for a massage therapist? Take the time to study or scroll around this web-site. Read about the cutting edge techniques Jim will apply in an intuitive blend to your particular case. Read about Jim the man: his own healing journey, his values, and how he works. Read heartfelt testimonials from people like yourself, some who were simply looking to feel better, others who had some pretty desperate needs.

Choosing a massage therapist is a very personal matter.

Consider Jim Saccomanno. You’ll be glad you did.

Jim is a master of a number of proven, time-honored techniques which you can read about on this site. His treatments have brought real relief to people with chronic pain, injuries, structural problems and other limitations. However, what puts Jim in the top tier, where body work becomes a blessing as well as an art form, is the intuition he brings to each session. The wisdom that flows through Jim’s powerful, knowing hands is a seamless merging of anatomical expertise, earned experience, and kinesthetic insight.

For over 38 years people have been beating a path to Jim’s modern, professional studio in the woods. For as many years they have been walking away grateful at the relief from pain, renewed range of motion, and just plain good feeling they experience.

Please take the time read about Jim, about his skills, and the heartfelt testimonials of his clients. Many people don’t know (or forget) the amazing impact that a dedicated session with a real professional can achive. Find out for yourself what hundreds of people in this area already know.

When your body is in crisis mode, Jim Saccomanno is the person to go to.