Massage Therapist Serving Western Nevada County for 43 years



Stay healthy everyone.

 When your body is calling out for help, you want the right person to answer that call.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing, restorative massage, relief from pain, or help for a recent injury, you want the right treatment, from the right person. You want someone with the skill, knowledge and experience to address your needs, at the same time, you want sensitivity, maturity, respect and good-will.

 Meet Jim Saccomanno, Certified Massage Therapist.

For over 40 years, people just like you have been visiting Jim’s massage studio and finding exactly, and often more than, what they were looking for.

Jim possesses a unique blend of intuitive insight and knowledge of multiple healing techniques such as deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy giving him the treatment you need for your particular case.

Click around the website to explore the techniques Jim has at his disposal. Read heartfelt testimonials from patients describing lasting relief from chronic pain, injuries, structural problems, and long-term ailments and limitations.

Whether your body is in crisis-mode, tense from the day-to-day stresses of life, or in need of a relaxing massage, the massage therapist to see is Jim Saccomanno.

Jim Saccomanno, CMT, offers therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, trigger-point therapy, neuromuscular integration and P.E.M.F in his studio in Grass Valley, CA.

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