Therapeutic Massage here in Grass Valley


Therapeutic MassageA therapeutic massage is about the nicest thing you can do for yourself. Doctors, of course, describe this “niceness” in terms of decreased heart rate and blood pressure, improved circulation, relaxed muscles and brain waves, and accelerated detoxification. The most therapeutic effect of all, though, is how it makes us feel.

A therapeutic massage by Jim makes people feel good. Very, very good. Soreness and stiffness seem to evaporate and one feels tuned up and infused with well-being and a new zeal to take on life. Some people feel greatly energized. Others feel great relaxation. Most feel renewed sensory input, as emotions flow pleasurably again, and thoughts take a positive turn.

There are 2 reasons people in Grass Valley choose Jim for therapeutic massage. Many people call Jim when life has piled on too many stresses and they just can’t shake the accumulated burden. They know that after even one session, they will feel a wonderful new lightness as chains are removed, clouds are dispelled, and they float out of Jim’s studio, grateful for a new lease on life.

Others incorporate a therapeutic massage as a regular part of their preventative health program. Though there are many priorities one can have, they know how significant it is, both physically and psychologically, to regularly return to the “set point” of deep relaxation.

In either case, a personalized session with Jim is about as good as it gets. With his huge experience and insight into people’s bodies, Jim is able to tailor each session so that you receive the maximum benefit possible. This may mean special spot work where you most need it, and the right technique applied to achive the desired results.

If you are considering a therapeutic massage in Grass Valley, consider Jim.

One session, and you will know you have made the right choice.

(And if you’d like to do something nice for someone dear to you, consider a massage gift certificate. It’s always unexpected and is welcomed as something truly special – which it is: the inexpressible treat of improved well-being.)