As a young man working construction, Jim was crushed by a back-hoe. He awoke from a coma only to find himself in the deep waters of chronic pain. “The wise hands of a loving masseuse” as Jim puts it, set him on the road to complete recovery. It also inspired him to pursue his life work, for which it is now clear, he was destined.

Since 1977 people have been beating a path to Jim’s quiet studio in the woods, which is about a 5-minute drive from the Empire Mine. And for as many years, they’ve been walking away with dramatic relief from pain, increased range of motion, and the gratitude one feels at the blessing one human being can be to another.

Besides his strong empathy for how pain and discomfort affect us, Jim is the master of a broad set of technical skills that he continually hones to an ever- greater degree of sophistication. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of anatomy, and years of success healing the many variations of the bodily ailments we are all subject to.

Above all else though, Jim has what can only be called “the gift”. What is “the gift”? It’s a remarkable kinesthetic sense coupled with an intuitive insight into bodily structures. It’s also two (very) powerful, knowing hands that deliver results.

For all his rigorous professionalism, Jim offers the kind of laid-back ambience that is emblematic of our community. He’s a family man with 3 daughters, and on the path to the studio behind his house, you may be greeted by one of their cats or their dog. Music is usually playing in the studio, the adjustable, electronic massage table is waiting, and Jim is wearing his favorite shoes: bare feet.

During your session, Jim’s got just the right feel for when to talk, when to be silent, and how to make your session an emotionally shared team effort. He’s basically an affable, good-natured guy. But more important than his great congeniality, is his no-nonsense, workman-like approach to your body. As is crystal clear to everyone Jim works on, he works with great focus and energy throughout your session.

Indeed, Jim is relentless in his pursuit of results.

And that is exactly why he is such a wonderful massage therapist.

For people in real need, Jim is real help.